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Quality & Hierachy

We believe in quality management throughout the production and management hierarchy, especially at all the operation sites.

Our Management Element

We have grown into a major force in the deepening and kaolin sector you were faithful to developing and adding value to natural resources abundant in the country. FQM is a miner who also produce kaolin mining license holder from state government of Perak.

Expertise Minerals Field.

The commitment to total quality management is further illustrated by modern fleet to facilities smooth and effective operating  solutions. These resources and imperative in order to meet the tough operational conditions such as waterlogged isolated sites and inaccessible areas. FQM company experienced in the field of minerals which also has an extensive sales market in China, India, Bangladesh and other minerals.

Business Growth & Contribution.

The Group has diversified its business interest to ensure sustainable business growth and contribution of long term profitability to all stakeholders. Based on experiences and hands on knowledge on the operations of mining activities related plant and machineries and supported by the existing technical staff, the Group duly acknowledges the importance of adopting the strategy of ‘doing things right the first time’.

Our Management Team.

Moving forward and in the long run, the Management of the Group of Companies committed Vigorously to perform the duties in the best interest of all stakeholders involved. As of to-date, the Group has never failed to fulfill its obligations to supply all customized orders to customers on time.

Organizational Chart
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